Let me start off by mentioning how I’m currently listening to The Cranberries’ Dreams on repeat (thank you, Spotify!) while writing this blog entry. Love love love that song!

Today’s #wijvenweek theme is perhaps my favorite of this edition as well: dreams. Dreams, I have so many to write about, but there’s only one recurring dream & I do hope to realize it someday. Who knows…

I adore the French Alps & photography, so I guess it comes to no surprise that I dream of opening my own little photography shop somewhere in the French Alps. It would also have a coffee bar with a current exhibition of my work. Adjacent to the shop would be our home: big windows with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, a sunny terrace, a big fireplace, aaaah. If we haven’t won the lottery by then, there would also be a couple of guest rooms. At night I would create a lovely meal for the guests & us and simply enjoy mountain life. I have been thinking of this for a couple of years now and I guess if the opportunity would be there, …


Opinionated? Yes, I am opinionated. Unfortunately, I almost always fail to express my opinions the right way. I always get stuck at some point. I have a strong opinion of a variety of subjects and yet, I don’t always dare to bare, if you know what I mean. Maybe I should bare more often in the future, let’s keep to that thought.

Anyway, while I was reading a couple of #wijvenweek blogs during my lunch break today, I couldn’t help but being inspired by Sara’s post. She managed to fit all my thoughts on this one particular subject into an interesting read & I can’t do anything else but share her opinion on the matter. So instead of writing my own litany, I’d suggest you visit her blog and read her post. (sorry, Dutch only…)

Guilty pleasures

Aaah, guilty pleasures, there are so many, aren’t there? But let me pick one, just one, since I think it will be my guilty pleasure until I turn 100…

I love love love all kinds of tv series & that includes teen dramas as well. Name one and I think I’m either watching it or planning to do so. I have been intrigued by them since I was about 10 and saw one of the first episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 (still one of my favorites until this day). I know I’m 29 and I should be way past all the teen drama surrounding Gossip Girl & co, but still. To compensate I also watch other tv series like Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire, but I guess my love for teen dramas will never die.

Oh and bonus guilty pleasure: I’m kind of intrigued by the actors as well, so I often hop over to People or Perez to grab my share of gossip.