a very yellow dinner


After counting down the days (really!), it was finally time to head to dinner at Bruges pop-up restaurant Yellow this past Saturday. And yes, you might remember Yellow from a previous post I dedicated to them. I gladly refer you to the latter in case you don’t know yet what the concept of Yellow is.

As my lunch date cancelled, I changed my reservations so as it turned out the husband and I headed out the house on a dinner date. Ever well-prepared as I am, I had studied the menu before, but changed my mind once we got there (on purpose and not so much on purpose). Since the scallop season is finished, no scallops on the menu – insert (really) sad face here – but they got replaced by another seasonal favorite of mine: asparagus.

I made the obvious (or perhaps ‘safe’) choices and opted for the flemish-style asparagus as the main course. For starters I got the sea kale, which is grown on the farm owned by the team behind Yellow. This is, by the way, the same farm that will house the renewed Hertog Jan this August. The husband had the grilled pointed pepper for starters followed by Wagyu beef.

The food was delicious, although I wasn’t blown away. This could have had something to do with the fact that we chose rather traditional dishes (but from what I can tell, the other dishes on the menu also carry a certain level of tradition). Another reason could be the price tag. I know.. I was served food by the team behind Hertog Jan, which still has three Michelin stars, but I didn’t have dinner at Hertog Jan, I had dinner at their bistro concept and experienced quite a rushed service (something I don’t like at all).
From what I’ve been told by friends and colleagues, they do share this opinion. We all agree that it was a wonderful experience, but the price tag might just keep us away from a second lunch or dinner at Yellow or the Hertog Jan bistro concept (due to open later this year), which will probably be very similar.
That said, if you don’t mind the price and want to experience some of the same dishes Hertog Jan has on the menu, I would certainly make my way to Yellow before they end their run in the centre of Bruges on May 31st.

and it was all yellow

Yellow x Veuve Clicquot

I could’ve written about Coldplay’s Yellow here, but instead I’m going to write a little note about food. Not just any food, no.

This past Friday marked the opening night of Yellow Bistro & Bar. Set in a historic building in the centre of Belgian city Bruges, Yellow is a new restaurant concept curated by Gert De Mangeleer and Joachim Boudens of three Michelin starred restaurant Hertog Jan, formerly located in Bruges and re-opening later this year in Zedelgem (which happens to be my new hometown, by the way).
They aim at serving local products (De Mangeleer’s signature dishes) combined with surprising wine and beer combinations (as selected by Boudens).

Next to the bistro concept, there’s also a champagne bar courtesy of Veuve Clicquot. As a matter of fact, the name of the bistro and bar, Yellow, is a reference to the typical yellow colour of Maison Veuve Clicquot. There’s a selection of tapas available to accompany your drink, whether you’re having a drink before dinner or just unwinding with friends.

I had a sneak peek at the menu and have a date set with my friend already. If you’re feeling the yellow vibes as well, then do make your reservations before they close by the end of May.

Yellow Bistro
Braambergstraat 10

28.02 – 31.05 (noon-3pm; 6-10pm)
for more information, visit www.yellowbrugge.be/en