liesbeth+kristof married


I’m sorry, you guys. I had these two lovebirds’ engagement session lined up, but I just couldn’t wait to share their wedding photos from Santorini. Blame it on the current #boostyourpositivity Instagram challenge #throwbacktosummer. Yes, I’m prone to hashtags like that.

Click through to relive their best day ever on one of the most beautiful islands surrounding Greece.

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julie+jordy engaged

Julie & Jordy, engaged by Kelly Steenlandt

I know true love when I see it and the two people featured on the blog today resemble the meaning of it in the most perfect way.

The fact that the song they got engaged to is playing as I’m writing this, just adds to this belief.
No, I didn’t hit play on purpose, it was randomly picked out of 1,175 song in my Spotify starred playlist.

Click through to see the rest of the photos of their engagement shoot last fall.

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7 photography projects on my bucket list

A little while ago I was browsing my blog feed when I came across a post written by Anki of Zilverblauw (check out their gorgeous blog, available both in Dutch and English). In this post she was referring to certain photography projects she’d like to accomplish one day. That got me thinking so I made a list of the one’s I’ve got on my bucket list for the time being.

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