Despite being ridiculously tempted to visit one of our previous holiday destinations, we decided to head to an all-new one over the summer. I keep a list of places I want to visit (yeah, I’m list-crazy) and after some thinking we decided on a city trip to Berlin. We just moved into our new home, so we definitely wanted to spend part of our vacation at home. The long-stay destinations were out of the question and since both the hubby and I haven’t visited Berlin yet, we quickly made a decision.

I booked a room at The Weinmeister (thank you, Petite Passport, for being my online travel guide) and we’re flying Brussels Airlines (for the first time as well!). Now I still have to figure out what to visit, where to shop and more importantly where to eat. So, if you happen to have any suggestions, I’ll gladly take note of them in my very fancy Moleskine (because I’m just old-fashioned like that, too).

Danke schön!