Guilty pleasures

Aaah, guilty pleasures, there are so many, aren’t there? But let me pick one, just one, since I think it will be my guilty pleasure until I turn 100…

I love love love all kinds of tv series & that includes teen dramas as well. Name one and I think I’m either watching it or planning to do so. I have been intrigued by them since I was about 10 and saw one of the first episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 (still one of my favorites until this day). I know I’m 29 and I should be way past all the teen drama surrounding Gossip Girl & co, but still. To compensate I also watch other tv series like Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire, but I guess my love for teen dramas will never die.

Oh and bonus guilty pleasure: I’m kind of intrigued by the actors as well, so I often hop over to People or Perez to grab my share of gossip.