Balls & Glory







First of all… you must know I’m all into winter food. I just love the winter vegetables, I can’t help it. So, imagine this: a pop-up store in Ghent that servers glorious meatballs. Of course I had to try this. I might not have chosen the best timing ever, but since they’re only open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (10am-3pm), I had to go during my vacation. Mind you, I booked our table 2 weeks in advance. It proved not to be necessary as it was 30 degrees outside when I had that famous glory ball. Delicious minced meat, seasoned to perfection, stuffed with leek and ham, accompanied by the best mashed potatoes ever. Oh, and I must not forget about the sauce, mouth-watering, I tell you!
If I have pretty much convinced you by now, I’d suggest you hop into your car, on your bike (basically whatever transportation you need to get there), head to the Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 103 in Ghent and experience that glorious ball.
Hurry up, it’s a pop-up store, so this story won’t last forever (well, until September 1st, that is).

For more information, visit the Balls & Glory website.

Happy Things




You know what they say about enjoying the little things in life… That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do over the last couple of weeks. They include having a relaxed homemade dinner, having Hiro over in our bed in the morning (only in the weekends, though) and visiting my buddy Joey at my parents’ house (he still sits under my chair in their kitchen).

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