#myvitabreak – week 2

myvitabreak week 2

Before tucking in early tonight, I wanted to share my weekly update on the #myvitabreak project as I’m wrapping up week two as I’m writing this. I shared the daily Instagram challenges over the course of the week except for yesterday when I took the day off. After what happened in Paris on Friday night, it just didn’t feel right to appear all happy online mainly because I really didn’t feel happy… at all.

I’m a trooper, you know, but watching the footage late Friday night and reading the various news outlets on Saturday morning, tears welled up. This is Paris we’re talking about, my first love. Where they speak French, the first language I was taught besides my native language. In France, which has been my family’s vacation destination since forever. In the city where my husband and I travelled to for our first holiday together. The city of light, the first city I fell in love with years ago.

Life, however, goes on. It must go on. We cannot indulge in any fear and have to stay strong, for Paris and the rest of this world we live in.

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