Benjamin Linus

Benjamin the Bunny

(photo courtesy of Benjamin the Bunny)

I’m sure you already knew that I’m a huge bunny lover. Imagine my reaction when coming home after a long day at work and reading about Benjamin Linus. Benjamin is the bunny of Brooklyn based Lauren Gates. She adopted her cute friend to help her through a difficult time.
Eventually, Benjamin managed to do just that. Gates created 12 costumes, one for each month of the year, and started shooting photos of her bunny dressed in these adorable outfits. One of them even represents a Harry Potter costume.
Lauren eventually made a calendar out of the photos which has brought Benjamin internet fame already. Check out his Facebook page and Etsy shop for a cuteness overload.

Hoppy Holidays

Bokeh tree

Christmas tree

Disneyland ornaments

Remembering Mickey

Hoppy Hiro

Initially, when the hubby talked about putting up a Christmas tree, I wasn’t too fond about it. Christmas used to be my favorite holiday (by far!), but ever since Mickey passed away on Christmas Day 2008, I wasn’t feeling up for it. This year marks the first Christmas we’re spending in our own home and I decided to give the hubby the tree he’s always dreamed of. It was difficult to find some joy in doing all this, but when looking at our tree, it also brings back the fond Christmas memories I have (including the ones with Mickey). I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a few photos of our bunny Hiro in front of our Christmas tree. In a way, these photos remind me so much of the ones I used to take of Mickey every year…

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!

World Animal Day



Happy World Animal Day to my two adorable pet rabbits, Joey and Hiro. While Joey continues to live with my parents (and enjoys my weekly visits), Hiro is the rabbit the hubby and I adopted in May.

Let us also not forget about Jack, Mickey, Snoepie and Pinky who are watching us from the rainbow bridge and of course every other animal in this world.

I cannot imagine life without my bunnies and I’m glad today’s here to celebrate them!