online tour at the MAS

On May 17th, the MAS in Antwerp finally opened its doors. Finally as in after a project that stretched over more than ten years. I must say that I’m already impressed by just looking at the building, so I’m pretty psyched about the visit I’m planning this summer.

If you don’t want to wait that long or can’t make it to Antwerp in the near future, don’t panic because the MAS knows to work its way around this. From now until June 7th, it is possible to take a live phygital tour at the MAS. Phygital? Yes, that’s correct, during opening times of the MAS, you can book a real-life guide, pick a tour and steer the guide (realtime!) from exhibit to exhibit as if you were there yourself. The tour guide hears the commands you’re sending through your keyboard via his or her headphones and walks around the museum with a camera, following your instructions.

The following video is pretty self-explanatory.

I think this is a pretty interesting way of introducing the MAS to foreign visitors. If you’re taking a tour in the next couple of days, I would like to hear about your experience in the comments section below.

For more information on the MAS live tour click here. If you’re looking for the MAS website, click here.

Girls Day Out

I dare say it has become a yearly tradition that the girlfriends and I are headed to a Belgian city to indulge in some serious shopping & food experiences. A couple of weeks ago the six of us (minus one) headed to Antwerp to do just that.

As per usual we took the train (with the obligatory Starbucks visit) and strolled around the Meir among others. Since we like good food and like to try out some different venues, we made reservations at Mint. We were seated outside at quite a large table, since one of my friends’ boyfriend and their baby joined us for lunch. I ordered the veggie burger which was served with (warm) seasonal vegetables. I’ve never seen a burger served liked this, but since I prefer warm vegetables over any other kind of vegetables, I didn’t mind at all. The burger was good as well, though a guy would probably prefer a side dish, such as french fries, to go with it. While I really liked the terrace of Mint, I couldn’t help but being disturbed by the cars passing through both sides of the terrace at close distance of customers’ chairs and the fact that we had to wait over an hour for our order to be served. When you visit Antwerp for the day this is a total waste of time.

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Lila Grace – Leather bracelet

Last week, I visited Antwerp to attend the start of the 2011 edition of the Scheldeprijs. After some obligatory Starbucks (hi, my name is Kelly and I am slightly addicted to anything Starbucks), the start of the Scheldeprijs (obviously), a delicious lunch (courtesy of Brasserie Appelmans, Papenstraatje 1), we headed towards the shops in the Nationalestraat. We usually stroll around the Meir, but we wanted to explore some other parts of the city as well…

One of our stops was the Lila Grace boutique. I had read about it online and in quite a few magazines/newspapers, but I had never managed to get there. I didn’t forget about it this time, though.

Lila Grace - Leather bracelet

They have some pretty unique and beautiful things at Lila Grace. I’m thinking about the beautiful accessories, such as earrings and necklaces, but also shirts, shoes, etc. I guess you could call it love at first sight… After carefully exploring everything, I had my eye on this (aqua) green leather bracelet (by Rules by Mary). Green is so my colour this season and I didn’t have a leather bracelet just yet. Needless to say I didn’t have to think too long about this purchase… The bracelet also comes in black and coral red.

For more information on Lila Grace, you can visit their web site here.