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Stijn @ DesignMarkt



This past week included our second wedding anniversary and a visit to my friend Stijn and his cats at his new pad in Ghent. While in Ghent, Stijn and I headed to DesignMarkt (mainly to drool over the many Eames rocking chairs) and indulged in waffles and coffee at Wasbar. This rainy November month is probably the best excuse ever to commit to baking a dozen of cupcakes every Sunday.



Steven and I are celebrating our 8th anniversary today. The figure 8 got me thinking about infinity, which is exactly where I want to be headed with him. My next sentence may be one hell of a cliché, but there are actually no words to describe how much he means to me. So, while we’re being all mellow and that, I would like to dedicate today’s post to him. Love you, sweetie!