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met z’n allen aan de feestdis


Ondertussen zijn we alweer een weekje aan het werk en lijken de feestdagen een eeuwigheid geleden. Straks sneuvelt ook hier de kerstboom en dan is het helemaal voorbij. Wat de feestdagen betreft: wij hielden het vrij rustig in die periode.
Onze families zijn niet bepaald groot te noemen dus worden de etentjes hier beperkt tot Kerstavond en Kerstdag bij de ouderparen van respectievelijk mijn man en ikzelf.

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dit was mijn 2015

dit was mijn 2015

Ondertussen zijn we bijna aan het einde van de vijfde dag van het nieuwe jaar, maar ik wou jullie mijn 2015 toch niet onthouden.

Vooraleer ik aan dit overzicht begin, toch een woordje uitleg bij deze blog post. De frequente lezers onder jullie zullen waarschijnlijk even vreemd opkijken dat het er hier in het Nederlands aan toe gaat.
Een nieuw jaar doet wat met een mens zou je kunnen zeggen, maar de eerlijkheid gebiedt me jullie te vertellen dat ik het voorbije halfjaar de overstap al aan het overwegen was. Ik had het er met mijn wederhelft over, met enkele collega-bloggers en uiteindelijk ben ik gewoon mijn hart gevolgd.

Na bijna vijftien jaar bloggen in het Engels was ik aan iets nieuws toe. In 2001 was het ook maar evident dat ik in het Engels zou schrijven want blogs waren toen nog niet zo’n hot topic zoals ze dat nu zijn. Jarenlang bleef ik het Engels, mijn grote liefde, trouw. Ja, soms wou ik dat ik een ‘native speaker’ was zoals ze dat zo mooi kunnen zeggen. Al was het maar om ‘I love you’ te kunnen zeggen.

Het laatste jaar ben ik mij echter meer en meer gaan toeleggen op projecten waar een hoofdzakelijk Nederlandstalige equipe achter stond, denk maar aan #boostyourpositivity. Ik lees ook meer en meer Nederlandstalige blogs en de teksten voor mijn blogposts komen almaar vaker in het Nederlands (in mijn hoofd dan).

Uiteindelijk heb ik op 1 januari (kan het nog meer symbolisch?) de knoop doorgehakt. Bij een taalswitch hoort ook een nieuwe layout waarover ik meer dan tevreden ben.

Het archief, in het Engels, blijft, laat dat duidelijk zijn. Ik sta nog steeds achter de inhoud van mijn blogposts en vond de taal nu niet meteen een reden om met een lege databank te starten.

Uiteraard hoop ik dat jullie ook in 2016 trouw mijn avonturen blijven volgen, ik heb alvast heel wat op de planning staan om jullie voor te schotelen.

Rest mij dan nog jullie de allerbeste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar over te brengen en even een kort overzicht van mijn 2015 mee te geven!

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christmas, the wanderlust edition

christmas, the wanderlust edition

In case you didn’t know, I basically adore Christmas. The first Christmas tunes hit Spotify back in August and now I barely listen to anything else (well, except for end of year-lists, that is).
My biggest pride is my Christmas tree. I’m a tad bit sad it’s once again the plastic one we keep on the attic, but when it’s all set up, I can’t help but falling in love with it over and over again.

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#myvitabreak – week 4

#myvitabreak week 4

Remember when I first wrote about #myvitabreak, shorty after the launch event I attended? Right, that’s over four weeks ago, which also means that the challenge has come to an end. Today is my last weekly round-up, but of course I’ll continue to practice most of the challenges even though the #myvitabreak story comes to and.

Let’s take a look at this final week, shall we?

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#myvitabreak – week 2

myvitabreak week 2

Before tucking in early tonight, I wanted to share my weekly update on the #myvitabreak project as I’m wrapping up week two as I’m writing this. I shared the daily Instagram challenges over the course of the week except for yesterday when I took the day off. After what happened in Paris on Friday night, it just didn’t feel right to appear all happy online mainly because I really didn’t feel happy… at all.

I’m a trooper, you know, but watching the footage late Friday night and reading the various news outlets on Saturday morning, tears welled up. This is Paris we’re talking about, my first love. Where they speak French, the first language I was taught besides my native language. In France, which has been my family’s vacation destination since forever. In the city where my husband and I travelled to for our first holiday together. The city of light, the first city I fell in love with years ago.

Life, however, goes on. It must go on. We cannot indulge in any fear and have to stay strong, for Paris and the rest of this world we live in.

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liesbeth+kristof married


I’m sorry, you guys. I had these two lovebirds’ engagement session lined up, but I just couldn’t wait to share their wedding photos from Santorini. Blame it on the current #boostyourpositivity Instagram challenge #throwbacktosummer. Yes, I’m prone to hashtags like that.

Click through to relive their best day ever on one of the most beautiful islands surrounding Greece.

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my body and me – #boostyourpositivity

A new #boostyourpositivity theme has been sitting on my virtual blogging shelf ever since it was announced almost two weeks ago. While my morning routine proved quite easy to write about, the work topic wasn’t very much so. Imagine what went through my mind when I read about the third theme: describe your relationship with your body. I have been running from writing this post ever since, but decided that today I would have to bite the bullet. Eventually I did postpone writing this until 6pm… Crazy, huh? Let’s get this over and done with, shall we?

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and the trees are stripped bare


The trees are supposed to be stripped bare in October, but we have been fortunate to experience a real Indian summer and I couldn’t be happier about it.
Turns out I do need that vitamin D more than I thought I did, me being the self-proclaimed queen of winter.

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work hard, play hard – #boostyourpositivity

This edition of #boostyourpositivity has had me struggling, you know. In a positive way, though, as it has me reflecting on things, which is good. I like a challenge or two when it comes to that.
Anyway, this post is a bit overdue since we kicked off this Monday with a new theme (body), but I still wanted to write a little something about the previous theme: #showyourjob.

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rise and shine! – #boostyourpositivity

rise and shine! - #boostyourpositivity

If you’re part of the Belgian blogosphere you’ve probably noticed that #boostyourpositivity, the blogger initiative by Danone (Activia) and Walkie Talkie PR, is back for a second edition!
I couldn’t be happier about this, since I thoroughly enjoyed the previous edition where I got to know (and meet!) several wonderful people with whom I still stay in touch to date.

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throwback thursday #1 – pepe


Ever since I first discovered the throwback Thursday hashtag on Instagram, #tbt, I loved the idea about it. As you may well be aware, photography is a big part of my life and I love to browse my photo books, reminiscing about the good old times.

Since I am a big fan of the concept I thought about integrating it here on the blog as a new theme. I’m not going to commit to this on vast frequency, but expect it to pop-up occasionally.

Ready? Then let’s get to the first #tbt on this blog. Click below to read the full post.

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25 questions tag

I’m going old school today by participating in a so-called tag, the 25 questions tag. Earlier this week, I already spotted the list of 25 questions on the blog of Falderie and yesterday it was also posted by Josie.
Writing this has me reminiscing about the early days of blogging. Back in 2001 I had my first blog and I remember these things doing the rounds.
Anyway, it’s a nice way to learn something more about the person behind the blog and as I totally love reading these myself I thought I’d join in on the fun.

Ready, set, go!

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And just like that we’re back among our fellow Belgians, a 9-hour ride from our beloved Alpe-d’Huez. Do we feel sad? Yes, we do. But.. it’s also fun to transfer all the photos of the trip onto the computer and compile a blog post. I did my utter best to narrow it down to about 40 photos (mind you, my initial folder held about 120 photos (out of…?).
Click through to read the full report on our trip and take a trip down memory lane with us.

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vanden broele takes bellewaerde

Every year at work we are treated with coupon codes for theme parks. This must somehow trigger my theme park loving (?) colleague J because the moment he receives them an e-mail lands in our inbox asking us to join him for a (team building like) day. So it happened that one Saturday in May a small group of co-workers of Vanden Broele Publishers conquered a theme park somewhere in the outskirts of the country.

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that my colleagues and I like food, plenty of it. Birthdays are the best at the office, because we get to indulge all day long. You might remember our famous Vanden Broele Birthday Breakfast. I don’t like to brag here, but it was a great success! And we do like to continue that kind of food fest now and then. Read all about it after the jump!

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If you read anything this weekend, then please read up on Evelien’s story here and here. I’ve been following her online (though we live only a couple of miles apart) for a couple of years and reading her post back in November… I simply have no words for this.

Her latest post will explain the photo feature here and I would like to ask you all to do the same thing and lend your heart to #teamevelien.



If you don’t understand Dutch, just let Google Translate do its thing, I’m sure you’ll somehow grasp the words written on her blog.

relax, don’t do it

Is it because I’m a tad bit sad the boost your positivity challenge has come to an end or is it because I was busy watching cycling during the opening weekend in Belgium or perhaps.. was it the fact that I really wanted to try my new Creative Intuos Pen & Touch for the image of today’s post?
I think it was the combination of all of the above including the fact that life has been a bit busy lately. Anyway, I made the finish line just in time, so sit back, relax and read along.

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the shortcuts in life

I can’t believe it’s Sunday evening and I only just managed to write this post by now. It doesn’t really do its title justice, but hey. The third boost your positivity challenge was all about those shortcuts in life. As in: what do you do to keep everyday things going smooth and efficient.
I guess the theme suits me really well as this is what I’ve been trying to do for the past year. Let me give you a glimpse at some tips to use in your life.

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dear sixteen year-old kelly,

I’ve been thinking a lot about you (lately). Especially the last year. Considering I’m twice your age now you will come to understand everything about being patient in life. Ugh, I know you hate that word and I (sometimes) still do, but without sounding too motherly: yes, it’s true, patience is indeed a virtue. You will learn this in the coming years.

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I’ve never been keen on the so-called new year’s resolution thing. However, I can’t help but pondering over the year ahead during the first weeks of January. One has to do it at some point, evaluating his or her life and for some odd reason a new year contributes to this. I guess it might also have to do with the fact that January is my birthday month and birthdays generally get me thinking.

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this year’s highlights (+ contest!)

When on the verge of a new year, all I keep thinking about is how I actually don’t like New Year’s Eve. There’s way too much fuss about it, yet I am ringing in the new year tonight amidst a huge crowd. The difference is that I chose to spend it with my love and no one else (well, if you don’t count that crowd, that is). That said, I would easily make do with my couch and tv on NYE as well. I truly am ageing, aren’t I? I sound like an 80 year-old.

Now, to get to the point. As much as I think all this is overrated, I can’t help but reflect on the past year when approaching a new one. What better way to do so than with a photo recap?

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halloween at home

This year, I decided to re-use most of the Halloween decorations I kept on the attic. However, I did want to create some sort of centerpiece. I ended up getting some extra material and made the centerpiece I was so eager to have.

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dress to impress

I’m one of those women who never dares to bare their legs. I avoid skirts and dresses as much as I can unless they reach a certain length. However, when meeting other people in skirts and dresses, there’s always some kind of envy. It’s not so much that I don’t want to wear them, it’s just that I’m not confident enough to do so.

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spring on a sunday

Spring is visiting Belgium a little earlier than usual and I’m certainly not the one to be complaining about that. It’s a welcoming change after last year’s winter, that seemed to last forever, and the rain we’ve been enduring for the last couple of months.
I’m spending this Sunday at home, just being lazy, (hopefully) finish my book and penning down a couple of ideas that have been swarming in my head for the past couple of days. Bliss.

Here’s what currently inspires me or complements the spring vibes I’m currently feeling.

Paris is always a good idea
…and that’s exactly my idea for next weekend. Can’t wait to see you again, old friend.
Postcards from Paris - Gary Pepper
(photo credit – Carin Olsson/Gary Pepper)

Summer tunes
This new record by Belgian duo Hermanos Inglesos certainly has that spring feeling to it and also has me making multiple embarrassing efforts at whistling.

I’m all set for this pastel trend and even did a small wardrobe update on Friday. I just love my new blazer from H&M.
H&M Figure-fit jacket
(image credit – H&M)

Cuteness overload
This Pinterest board has had me oooh-ing and awwww-ing for hours this week. The cuteness is almost impossible to handle: it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m currently trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and there’s nothing more important than breakfast in my opinion. Yesterday afternoon I finally got to try my hand at that granola recipe I found on Belgian foodie blog Thursday Dinners, like ages ago. I’m so sorry it’s in Dutch, but if you throw in Google translate, this will be easy as pie (not to mention: so delicious, it takes me tons of discipline not to eat that entire bowl).