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While going through my RSS feeds every day, I stumble upon a lot of creative ideas. If I really like what I’m seeing or reading, I eventually end up pinning an image to one of my Pinterest boards. That’s where it all ends.
Because it would be a shame keeping all these wonderful things to myself, I decided to dedicate a post now and then (I’m not going to make weekly promises here) sharing all the online beauty I stumble upon.
Ready, set, go!

Pantone Pairings
I think looking at the images of the Pantone Pairings project just pretty much sums it up. I think it’s actually not that easy to come up with a good pairing. When trying to think of one myself, I absolutely didn’t come up with anything at all…

(via Designlovefest)

Windows of New York
I love these illustrations of typical New York windows. NY-based graphic designer José Guizar captures these in his Windows of New York project. Wandering around the city, he creates illustrations from windows that caught his eye and presents them on his website on a weekly basis.

(via Honestly…WTF)

Menswear Dog
Of course New York City resident, Menswear Dog, a shiba inu with a love for everything stylish and fashionable was my favorite discovery of the week. I mean, just look at those photos, does it ever get more adorable than this?

(via Honestly… WTF)

tschüss 2012!

Remember what I wrote last year? About how 2011 was a rollercoaster ride? And how I thought I’d never be able to match it again? On some levels, I won’t be able to match it again, that’s true. However, 2012 proved to be one rollercoaster ride as well. I cherish a lot of precious moments (moving in the new house, Hiro joining our little family), but some things happened that shouldn’t happen to good people (and that’s all I’m writing about it here).

Here’s to 2013!

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Interieur 2012

Cabinet galore



Heart of glass

True that


Lasvit Liquidkristal

Emmanuel Fraeye

Bespoke Rugs

Last month we had the opportunity to visit interior fair Interieur 2012 in Kortrijk (thanks to my lovely colleague Stéphanie!). The biannual fair hosts a variety of Belgian and foreign interior brands and expanded to multiple locations this year. We visited the main fair at the Kortrijk Xpo meeting center. I was impressed with the brands that were attending and got home with quite a few ideas to carry out in our own house. I loved the cabinets used for storage that were displayed in many forms and Emmanuel Fraeye impressed me with a kitchen that had a built-in library. That’s the one thing missing in nearly every kitchen (design)!

Happy Halloween








When looking back at the last couple of years, I’ve noticed that I tend to celebrate Halloween a tad bit more every year. This year we watched the local Halloween parade (it actually sounds fancier than it is), had a pumpkin-inspired dinner (more on that later this week) and a Halloween-themed movie night. Part of the Halloween festivities is, of course, the decorating. The images above give you an idea how scary our living room has been looking lately…

Happy Halloween!

Burger vs. Burger

I’m not a big fan of fast food, but that’s not mandatory to watch this video. It gives you a glimpse behind the scenes at a McDonald’s photo shoot. Pretty interesting if you’re a photographer and if you happen to like their burgers, it’s nice to know that your burger is the same one that’s displayed in their advertisements.





Meet… Hiro. Yes, we did find a name after all for our little sweetheart. He’s feeling right at home already and is so happy to have us around during the weekend. I got to take a few photos of him on the second day he was here and managed to get a few cute shots in Converse sneakers on Friday. He’s growing so fast, I should be taking pictures daily instead of weekly from now on…

Light Festival Ghent


On Sunday evening my dad and I visited the final night of the Light Festival in Ghent. I visited the festival last year and was in awe by the beautifully lit works of art displayed around the city. When news broke that there would be a second edition this year, I quickly decided I wanted to attend. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one, as Ghent welcomed over 500,000 visitors to its Light Festival. If the festival hits Ghent again next year, count me in for a visit already!

Weekend recap

Cuddling with Joey / First lunch in the new house / We can now have a cup of coffee in the new house / Music for Life as background music / No paper left on the walls / I’m singing in the rain

Let It Snow (by Google)

It seems like Google is getting into the festive spirit with its latest ‘Easter Egg’ search result.

A search for ‘let it snow’ has snowflakes falling in your browser and puts frost on the Google bar. As the snow continues to fall, the screen slowly frosts over.

Don’t panic when this happens as you can either ‘defrost’ your browser window by hitting the ‘defrost’ button or simply click and hold your left mouse button and start ‘writing’ frosty phrases on your screen.

At sea

I’m now in my final year of my three-year photography course run & one of the new classes this year is landscape photography. Instead of a 3-hour lesson consisting of a lot of babbling, our teacher decided to take us with him on location. On location, as in Cadzand (Netherlands), just across the border.

We were quite lucky with the weather and if you ask me, it was a pretty decent plan to take us shooting on location. We also got to play around with a neutral density filter, hence the photo above. Our next stop is Cap Gris-Nez and Cap Blanc-Nez in the Spring of 2012, where we will be spending a whole day photographing the beautiful landscape.

Needless to say, a neutral density filter was added to my wish list right away!

“We do”, captured

Dress: Steps
Suit: Zara
Shoes: Nero Giardini
Hair: Il Fredo
Photography: Tom Brinckman
Venue: Hoevehotel Ter Haeghe

Our wedding photographer Tom Brinckman recently dedicated a blog post to our wedding. The above image is from the pre-ceremony shoot in the forest of Tillegem, near Bruges.

When we used to think about our wedding, one of the most important things on our list was a photographer. Honestly, looking back at the last couple of years, I never thought we would find a photographer that was perfect for our wedding, not anywhere in Belgium at least. Luckily, we did manage to find that one photographer and it was quickly decided he would be the one capturing our big day.

If you want to see a selection from the photos of our wedding, head over to Tom’s blog post and leave him a comment or two if you’d like.

Kelly Moore bag

Ever since I got my first dSLR, I have been carrying it around in either my Lowepro or Crumpler camera bags. Functional bags? Yes. Stylish? Not so much.

Photographer Kelly Moore was thinking the exact same thing and designed her own camera bag. The result is a line of bags with repositionable dividers and tons of pockets to carry your camera gear. The stylish yet functional camera bags are not women-only, there’s a men’s line as well.

I have been using mine for over a month now and this camera bag really suits me. I got mine at PilgerBags where the lovely Silvia did a great job at getting me my Kelly Moore of choice as soon as possible (considering the fact that these bags are really popular and Silvia has clients from all over the world, I think it was really worth the wait). Moreover, every bag comes with a small gift. I had the pleasure of finding a beautiful felt camera keychain in my package.

Kelly Moore B-Hobo (Walnut), € 154,00 from PilgerBags

Rest in peace, uncle Gilbert

On Saturday morning I had a 10am date with my cousin, his girlfriend and their kids at the Mote playground in Koekelare, a small neighbouring town. My mom was born in Koekelare and most family members of her side (the few that we have) live there as well.

Around 11.30am we headed to the terrace to cool off and have a drink, since it was almost noon and started getting pretty hot. Half an hour later we got a rather disturbing phone call from my cousin’s mom (my aunt) about my uncle being in an accident. She didn’t give any specifics, but did say it was serious and that the police were already at the scene of the accident. My cousin left to go see his dad and I went home but did call my mom to tell her that her brother was in a (car) accident. I passed an ambulance on the way home and started to have a pretty bad feeling about it.
My cousin’s girlfriend told me she would have my cousin call me as soon as they got any details, but no phone call came in. So either everything was ok and he forgot about it, or things were really serious.

An hour later the phone rang and I immediately felt something was terribly wrong when I got my other cousin on the phone. He broke the news that his dad passed away after a terrible crash with his quad bike. He must have been unwell which caused him to speed up and instead of turning on the road, he went straight from the field across his house towards the wall of his garage. He must have died instantly and did not suffer. The 5 year-old kid of his neighbours was also with him, but the boy survived the crash and was only mildly injured.

Our family is, of course, really devastated by the news, especially since it all happened unexpectedly. My parents aren’t that much younger than my uncle and I can only hope I can have them around for a long time to come…

Later that afternoon it turned out that the ambulance I crossed on my way home was on its way to another accident in the area. This accident was in a way related to my uncle’s accident. A young girl was distracted by the emergency helicopter on its way to the scene of my uncle’s accident and hit another car. Luckily, nobody was severely injured in this crash.

For those of you who understand Dutch, here’s a link to the article about my uncle’s accident as featured in Belgian newspaper De Standaard.

Manhattan in Motion (by Mindrelic)

When I first visited New York City last summer, I fell in love. Somehow, I still think it’s quite impossible to explain to someone why one would love this city so much.

This time lapse video, however, manages to capture all the emotions & images when thinking of Manhattan and New York City. Photographer Josh Owens spent a little over a month hotel hopping in Manhattan shooting the video. The music by NYC based group The American Dollar sets the perfect mood.

Mindrelic – Manhattan in motion from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

If you’re familiar with Wafels & Dinges, you can spot one of their carts around the 1:45 mark!

ASOS(creen), but not in the mail…

I heart doing my shopping online. Be it just window shopping or actually finding that one unique item somewhere on Etsy, I absolutely love it. In the past few years, I’ve been buying more and more online. It started with music & books, but I now shop clothing as well, although I’m just ordering shirts so far, no jackets or other fancy stuff. I’m not fond of returning items and all the hassle that goes with it.

Anyway, I never had a negative experience, no packages lost in the mail, etc… Sure, I have paid import duties sometimes (seriously, $40 on a package worth no more than $80?), but nothing else. Until last week…

I had been looking forward to my ASOS package for a couple of days. I know the site from its very beginning when it was still rather small, but I never ordered something. I don’t know, somehow they never ended up having that one item that I really wanted to have. Until I saw that famous claw bracelet on Fashionata a couple of months ago. I finally ordered it two weeks ago, enjoying a 20% discount as well as free delivery to Belgium. The next day, my package was wrapped and on its way to me.

A week later, I received an email from ASOS with the subject ‘Confirmation of Return from ASOS’. Apparently, I had returned the package and requested a refund. Strange, since I never even received the package.

I e-mailed them right away and got a reply within a couple of hours to say they’re sorry about the inconvenience. I replied with the question on what I should do about this and they told me to just re-order the items of my returned order. Easier said than done since that particular claw bracelet is now out of stock and my 20% discount code isn’t valid anymore. I finally received a special discount code that is valid until June 5th, but I doubt the bracelet will be back in stock by then…

Regardless of all this, I must admit that the customer service was pretty good when I contacted them. Every time I e-mailed them I got a reply within a couple of hours, even at night or during the weekends.

Now, I also discussed this matter on Twitter and there was another Belgian customer who had the same experience as I had with ASOS, but most of the people I know are happy customers. Have you ever had an experience similar to mine with ASOS or any other webshop?

International Kites Festival

Today we attended the International Kites Festival in Ostend. Over 350 national and international kite-specialists showed us their kiting-skills.

I actually came up with the idea to go there as a part of one of my assignments for my photography class, but I must admit I was pretty impressed with all the kites. Other than that it was also a beautiful sight to see all those colourful kites up in the air on the beach!


Today I had my first Postagram delivered. Postagram, you say? Yes, that’s one of the new apps I recently discovered. I’m not really honest here, because the official app isn’t available in the Belgian iTunes store just yet. Thankfully you can also use the web-based client.

This is the Postagram that was delivered to me today :


So, what does Postagram do? It’s actually really simple. If you have an iOS device, you’re probably familiar with Instagram (yeah, that other great app, still professing my love for it up until now!). Now, if you don’t know Instagram yet, it’s basically a community photo-sharing service where you can upload and view photos. It works with a Twitter-like follow option, has quite a few effects for your photos, etc… I just love it! While you can view Instagram photos through various third party sites and apps, the only way to upload them is via the official Instagram app (currently only available for iOS devices).

Now, think about someone who doesn’t own an iOS device. You do want this person to see your Instagram photos and you know he or she loves the good old snail mail. This is all being taken care of by Postagram : it takes your Instagram photos, lets you add a custom message (up to 140 characters) and then mails a printed copy to anyone, anywhere in this world. The photo is printed at 300dpi on heavy photo paper and comes surrounded by a postcard, from which the photo can be popped out. Each photo costs just $1 to print and mail.

I ordered 2 Postagrams about 2 weeks ago and found them in the mailbox today. I’m really happy with the result, considering I paid only €0,69 for it. I’m sure this app/site can become as addictive as Instagram.

Visit the Postagram website here.

Caught on tape – Joey

Joey (April 11th, 2011) from Kelly Steenlandt on Vimeo.

I’ve had my Canon 5D MK II for quite a while now, but I never truly experimented with the video recording functionality that comes with it. Why? Well, I spent quite a few hard earned euros on it and since I am buying photography equipment, I’m expecting it to be top-notch when it comes to photography, not film. So, yeah, I admit, I tend to forget about the video features it offers. I even forget to use my (RIP) Flip camera when we’re travelling, so go figure…

Anyway, one of my New Year’s (yes, we’re mid-April, I know) resolutions was to make use of the video features, so ta-da : there you have my pet rabbit Joey on a sunny afternoon on the terrace outside the house. I filmed this with my 50mm 1.4 lens, hence the shallow depth of field.

I didn’t want to spend way too much (or any at all) money on a video editing program, so I edited this one in the new iMovie ’11. I just put an intro and outro on it, a simple transition and some music. If you’re working on a Mac, I would definitely recommend it as it is very easy to use. You can find more information about iMovie here.

Sunny afternoon walk in Bulskampveld


The boyfriend and I both like photography and forest walks. The sunny weekend quickly developed into the plan of doing a sunny afternoon forest walk. Minor issue? We always go for a walk in either Tillegem or Beisbroek (Bruges area). We wanted to taste something different and headed out for Bulskampveld (Beernem area) on Saturday afternoon. It’s quite big and quiet. The Bruges area forests tend to get crowded when the sun is out, but here we found some quietness indeed.

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Ronde van Vlaanderen


It was inevitable that I would write something about the ‘Ronde van Vlaanderen’. Forget Christmas, we’re talking about the ‘Ronde’ here, a day that all cycling fans are celebrating. They’re even celebrating in Brazil, from what I’ve just heard. Every year, de Ronde gets bigger and bigger. This year marks the entry of the no-fly zone over the track. Yes, it has become that big.

Do I like the fact that it has gotten this big? No. I was thinking of not attending at all. See, I wanted to do a photo op on the Ronde (I study photography in evening school). But, once again, I was snubbed of obtaining a pass that would allow me to photograph cyclists and bikes up close on ’t Zand in Bruges or the podium on the market square. High fences around the riders village make it impossible to even take photos through them.

After being quite frustrated over the last couple of days, I got over the fact that I will never get the VIP treatment, so I decided on three shots that I should be able to make on Sunday morning in Bruges. Without the necessary (press) passes that is. Our second stop will be the food supplies area around Nederename (Oudenaarde). The third and final stop will mark the ‘Muur’ in Geraardsbergen. That will give me plenty of opportunities to provide a consistent image of the Ronde.

Hopefully everything will work out. We have about two and a half hours to get to our second stop when departing in Bruges and three and a half hours to get from Nederename to Geraardsbergen. Maybe it’s a better idea to watch the ‘Ronde’ on tv because you don’t have to miss a single thing, but being there just tops it all.

And my Flandrien for the day? It’s that Swiss guy who shares the looks of the boyfriend. Why? I like his style (cycling-wise) and I like him as a human being as well. The latter is quite important to me. It’s one of the many reasons I stood by Jan Ullrich all that time…

Will you watch the ‘Ronde van Vlaanderen’ this Sunday and who is your favourite (and why)?


You know how you install WordPress and write your first post and you realise that just when you were planning not to write a sort of welcome post, you end up doing the exact opposite?

Ah well, I guess there’s a time for hello’s and goodbye’s and this is the typical hello moment.

Anyhow, welcome to The domain has been a bit empty over the last couple of years but I hope to change that, starting today. The theme used is Modernist, although I did some tweaking to it by creating a custom header and a widget or two.

I was actually planning on creating my own theme, but why bother when there are so many magnificent themes out there? I might end up creating one myself, just because I like doing it all myself.

You’re probably wondering why on earth you should come back here, well I can’t promise you anything but this : I have a broad interest in about everything going on in this world, so you’ll probably find me writing about this and that. I don’t want to stick to a particular theme, because I would end up wanting to blog about something that is not belonging to it (that is like so me)…