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Since this blog can’t be classified as a beauty blog and I don’t feature that much make-up on here, I guess it might come as a surprise that I’m actually a true beauty addict. There were times when I had an abundance of make-up in my drawers and I used to buy almost everything, being a sucker for packaging.

Upon entering my late 20s, I realised that less is more, definitely in the beauty department. I began searching for my ultimate skincare routine (more on that in another post) and began narrowing down my make-up tools. Because: who needs 20 different eyeshadow palettes, right?

Nowadays, I tend to only buy things that fit my style, that I am in need of (sort of) and I also tend to rely on reviews on beauty blogs nowadays. I used to follow a million beauty blogs out there, but only few managed to survive in my blog feed. One of them is my dear friend, Kim, who runs the blog it-girl.be. She has been around for quite a few years and could easily be described as one of the pioneers in the beauty blog department. I love her style and her take on everything skincare and make-up. In the end, she’s my go-to blogger for high end skincare and make-up.

She’s also the reason I learned about Burberry beauty. I admit, I was drawn to their beauty line from the moment I saw the packaging, but kept from buying anything.. until I read those raving reviews. Back in January, I finally got my hands on a couple of their items and I couldn’t love them more. Their eye shadow is my go-to make-up look for work (which I enhance with eyeliner for a night out) and their lip mist is just about perfect.
My current foundation is almost empty and I might just be tempted to cheat on my current MAC foundation in the next couple of months.

sheer eye shadow in chestnut | sheer eye shadow in gold trench | lip mist in nude peach | nail polish in poppy black


  1. Falderie maart 16, 2015

    Ik kom nog altijd niet verder dan de nodige dagcrème… Ik heb wel wat spullen thuis liggen, maar ik denk dat ik best eerst eens op zoek ga naar een handleiding over hoe ik alles moet gebruiken… 🙂

    • kelly maart 31, 2015

      Misschien moet je eens een workshop volgen bij M.A.C.? ‘Kost’ je 50 euro, maar die mag je daarna terug besteden. Je leert er de basics en van daar zie je dan wel wat je best ligt. Of je gaat eens horen bij Jemke van http://www.thestyleavenue.be voor wat persoonlijker advies?


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