#boostyourpositivity blog event

The photo collage above is about all I could find on my iPhone after yesterday’s blog event to top off the boost your positivity project. That can only mean one thing: I enjoyed myself so much that I completely forgot to snap away. Come to think of it, that is not necessarily a bad thing, now is it?

It proves what a success this project has been for me. I usually bring the big guns along and I hide behind my camera when I’m having a shy moment. This time around, no camera in sight and I still have an iPhone 5S, which is not big enough to hide behind. So, I had to use those vocal cords here.
I met so many wonderful, gorgeous ladies yesterday and once I got home, I realised I missed talking to probably half of them.
The location was perfect (Bar Bidon in Ghent), the food delicious, the company top notch and the overall vibe was positive all the way. Oh, and that VSCO filter is just there to emphasize the sun that kept on shining yesterday, y’all.

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this project and getting to know other blogs that I wouldn’t have got to know if I stuck to my current Bloglovin’ feed. Also, so many inspiring ladies out there!

Thank you Kelly & Lies for putting all of your ideas and your effort in this, Danone for being so open-minded towards bloggers and taking a different approach in this (which proved to be a big hit) and of course Walkie Talkie for the organisational part.

Now, who said something about a fall edition?


  1. jemke maart 10, 2015

    leuke collage!! leuk je nog es te zien

    • kelly maart 31, 2015

      Merci! Ja, hé! We moeten eens een koffie gaan drinken in Brugge (of eens lunchen op een vrijdag?)!

  2. ilse maart 10, 2015

    Al die toffe foto’s doen me nog meer spijt krijgen van het feit dat ik er niet bij kon zijn. Taxi-mama spelen voor een stel kids is iets minder plezant 😉

    • kelly maart 31, 2015

      We houden dat te goed voor een volgende keer! 🙂

  3. Renilde maart 11, 2015

    Leuk en lekker (de brunch), mooi (de foto’s)!

  4. oon maart 11, 2015

    Zo blij dat ik je heb gezien! Heel gek, dat gevoel met jou, as if we go way back.


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