museum in de living

I’m always in for a cool project and the project I will be telling you about today is so much more than that. It involves cycling and a (cycling) museum. Two of my favourite things in the world? A killer combo!

I already saw the promotional images on various social media, including the one here which features Elise and here boyfriend in their living room. I met Elise a couple of years ago through a mutual friend and I must say: girl got style (both on her own and in her home).
Now what is this Museum in de Living (museum in your living room) all about? It is an initiative by WieMu Roeselare, a cycling museum in the city of Roeselare, Belgium. The museum is closed for renovation at the moment so they had the idea to lend an item of their collection to people like you and me. You can lend an item for two consecutive months and it’s a bargain at five euros.
I don’t think I have to mention that the idea immediately won me over, right?
So it happens that I reserved one of the items in the collection to be on display in our living room this June and July. I think it’s the perfect time of the year with the Tour de France and all that. I won’t be telling you which item I chose, but don’t hesitate to leave your guess as to which item will be at our home this summer, in the comments below.


For more information on this project and to secure your own item, visit the Museum in de Living website.



image via WieMu Roeselare


  1. Falderie januari 23, 2015

    Leuk initiatief! Benieuwd naar de foto’s eens het er staat!

    • kelly januari 27, 2015

      Ja, hé! Wel, ik kan alvast verklappen dat ik een deel van onze woonkamer ombouw tot tijdelijk museum. Maar dat is iets voor juni! Nog een paar maandjes geduld dus.


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