oliver and the black circus

When planning our trip to Copenhagen, Oliver and the Black Circus was on top of my dinner bucket list after the many raving reviews I read about this place.

OBC didn’t disappoint. After a cocktail worth mentioning, the hubby and I decided to have a four-course menu which was as delicious as I hoped it would be. I’m still dreaming about that caramelized white chocolate I had for dessert. The atmosphere at the restaurant is really lively, the interior dark (I really had to brush up my photos) and the people great for people-watching (I envy the stylish Danish women).
On a sidenote: I was just checking their website to link it here, when I discovered their newest menu and I already want to hop on the next flight to Copenhagen. Oh, and kudos to Stéphanie for pointing out that a bathroom visit is obligatory when having lunch or dinner at OBC.

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  1. Alexander maart 29, 2013

    Hey there i’m one of the chefs at OBC. Thanks for the great review. Just wanted to tell you that the carmalised white chocolate is really easy to make at home. simple melt the chocolate in a pan on as low as possible heat and stir in it (not constantly) for 1-2hours and it will slowly turn brown, spread it on baking paper and freeze it.
    Take care! and hope to see you back at the restaurant next time you’re in town.


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