the royal cafe

During the last few hours of our trip, we made it to The Royal Cafe.

It is located on the Amagertorv (it’s a square located in the heart of Copenhagen), but if you’re not seeing it right away, don’t panic. It’s hidden in a narrow alley next to Royal Copenhagen, as it is part of its flagship store. The interior could be described as rather feminine actually (lots of pink!). Quirky, but that’s how I like it. They are famous for serving smushies, basically an open-faced sandwich prepared like sushi. They also offer various salads, soup and dessert. I had the most delicious (pink! glitter!) macaroon while enjoying a well made cappuccino. I’m still regretting not having brunch there or tasting one of there famous smushies, but I guess that’s another reason to visit this beautiful city again.


  1. Kel maart 4, 2013

    Beautiful! I’m making a mental note to come back to your series of Copenhagen posts if I ever get lucky to visit the city someday. 🙂

  2. Msaprilfish maart 7, 2013

    OOh Kelly, daar wil ik heen! Ik zou er uuuuuuuuuren blijven en kijken naar al dat moois!


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