The art of gift wrapping

gift wrapping

gift wrapping

To me, wrapping gifts is equally fun as going out and buy them. However, I spent so much time on Pinterest over the holidays that I (maybe) had a bit too much inspiration to wrap my gifts. Eventually I made up my mind and used kraft paper combined with black twine (Ikea), festive ornaments and black and white, winter-themed, photo tags of our pet rabbits. Needless to say, everyone loved opening their gifts. My mom even liked these so much that she still has them on display.


  1. Hannelore januari 12, 2013

    Oh die zijn heel mooi ingepakt!

  2. Kel januari 17, 2013

    I completely agree! Wrapping gifts is just as important and equally as fun as buying them. 🙂 There’s just something about presenting a beautifully wrapped gift that I love. Your gifts look gorgeous! Love the black and red.

  3. Stephanie juli 4, 2013

    I just love the ‘home-made’ bunny tags!


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