At sea

I’m now in my final year of my three-year photography course run & one of the new classes this year is landscape photography. Instead of a 3-hour lesson consisting of a lot of babbling, our teacher decided to take us with him on location. On location, as in Cadzand (Netherlands), just across the border.

We were quite lucky with the weather and if you ask me, it was a pretty decent plan to take us shooting on location. We also got to play around with a neutral density filter, hence the photo above. Our next stop is Cap Gris-Nez and Cap Blanc-Nez in the Spring of 2012, where we will be spending a whole day photographing the beautiful landscape.

Needless to say, a neutral density filter was added to my wish list right away!


  1. ktrn december 1, 2011

    How come i did not notice your blog before?! I’m actually confused but hey, I’m here now & I like that shot 🙂

  2. akane kinomoto december 2, 2011

    that is just amazingly beautiful!


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