The Blog Works

If you’re a fashion blogger and in for a talk about fashion & blogging combined with a couple of workshops to improve your blog, then you might want to check out The Blog Works.

Marie Lemaître and Stéphanie Duval took a cue from Blogshop (take that as a compliment, girls) and created their own seminar slash workshop. The programme covers a morning of seminars, followed by an afternoon of workshops (oh boy, how I would love to participate in Manon Wethly’s photography workshop).

The best news is that there are still 10 spots left (yes, 10!) and they go for €50. It’s a bargain, if you ask me.

I’m not a fashion blogger myself, but I really like how they put together this wonderful & creative idea and somehow brought it over here, to this tiny country.

Now, girls, if you’ll be doing a blogshop-sorta seminar/workshop (minus the fashion), sign me up already!

For more information, visit The Blog Works website by clicking here.

PS: that custom The Blog Works stamp is totally rad!

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  1. Stephanie december 5, 2011

    Honey! I didn’t see this post until today, but thanks so much 🙂 I’ll def let you know what the future holds for The Blog Works 😉


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