Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes

I’ve been waiting like forever to write this entry with its accompanying title… Once you’re finished reading this, you’ll understand why.

Next March marks the seventh anniversary of Steven and I, and oh boy, it’ll be one to remember as it will be the first in our new house and.. as husband & wife.
The latter sounds a bit awkward as I am typing it, but I’d better get used to it, since our wedding day is approaching rapidly.

After visiting what feels like a billion houses over the last three years, we finally found the right-priced and perfect house for us. It’s located about 9km from where I live now and is a 3-bedroom detached house. There’s not much work to be done, so we can move in right away. We decided rather quickly on getting the property, because of previous experiences.

As we were planning on getting married anyway, it was best to do it now (with buying the house and all that), so on November 5th (2011, that is!) we’ll get married at the city hall of Zedelgem. I already bought a simple dress a long while ago (you know, to be prepared and all that) and found a matching jacket this weekend. I think we set a record on planning that wedding, seriously!

The last few weeks were quite hectic, so to speak, but expect me to blog a bit more often from now on…


  1. Alyson oktober 5, 2011

    Kelly, congratulations to you and Steven! So happy to hear that you guys are getting married. Best of luck with your wedding and the move into your new house!

  2. Stephanie oktober 9, 2011

    Congrats, Kelly! I’m sorry I only found out now ๐Ÿ™‚ Good for you on planning so swiftly – minimize the stress, maximize the pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kel oktober 27, 2011

    WOW! This is huge — a new house and a wedding. Congrats! I’m so so happy for you and Steven. ๐Ÿ™‚


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