Shoplog – K in Kortrijk

La Primavera! Spring! Finally, the sun decided to pop up on Saturday and for me this was a perfect excuse to do some serious spring shopping! Let’s see what was on the menu yesterday as we headed to the mall in Kortrijk, ‘K in Kortrijk’, which celebrated its first anniversary just a week ago…

I got a Twice as Nice gift card for my birthday in January since I had my eyes set on one of their white Jet Set watches. I already have a brown and black-themed watch, but I really wanted one of these white plastic/rubber ones, because I think they’re the perfect fashion accessory for spring and summer outfits. I chose one circled with rhinestones because I want it to look rather classy than sporty. Mission accomplished!

Now, whenever I’m in either Roeselare or Kortrijk, I always tend to pay Steps a visit, because their clothes have a great fit and I always see something I like there. I picked up this green shirt. Green is my spring/summer colour, that’s for sure!

Shoplog K in Kortrijk

Jet Set watch - Steps shirt

I have a kind of love/hate relationship with Zara. I already know that I will never find a skirt or pair of trousers that fits me perfectly at Zara, but I have to admit : I’m in love with their new collection. My eyes spotted this dotted shirt and scarf. They’re bright and colourful and I could use some colour in my wardrobe! I also grabbed a black knit cardigan, because I can always use one of these.
Since I have some cycling races to attend in the next couple of weeks I was in desperate need of some comfortable shoes. Then I found these all-leather River Woods sneakers which are perfect for a day out. They are really comfortable and most important of all when walking all day long : flat! I can’t wait to put these on next week!

Shoplog K in Kortrijk

Zara shirts & scarf - River Woods sneakers


  1. Hanne maart 25, 2011

    Mooi uurwerk! 🙂 En mooie kleurtjes eigenlijk, love the sneakers

  2. Kel maart 30, 2011

    Yay! I’m so glad your site is back up again. 🙂

    Also, I LOVE the watch you bought! I’ve had my eye on one that’s very similar. I just adore how the rhinestones give it more of a bracelet feel. So cute!


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